Date Calculation: Midnight of Stripe Customer's Current Period Ending Date

I am trying to schedule a workflow based off a Stripe customer’s subscription current period ending date, but changing minutes/seconds/hours to 0 is not working. The date/time I’m looking for is midnight of the current period ending date.


Any ideas?

Hi @calicass83,

You can use a Stripe webhook so that whenever a subscription is renewed the webhook will trigger your WF in your app

I am trying to stay away from using stripe webhooks. Is there any other way to do it on the Bubble side?


Use Bubble’s native integration to Stripe via the native Bubble Stripe plugin.

Once installed you will be able to see the current user stripe’s customer subscription status … and build conditional logic around its different values (incomplete, trialing, active, past due … and others). All just by using the plugin with no need for webhooks or polling the Stripe API since Bubble does this behind the scenes for you :wink:

Hope this helps!