Does Stripe update via webhook when Subscription period ends?

I’ve setup a backend workflow for Stripe webhooks, which works nicely when I have the subscription set to ‘Ends Immediately’ in Stripe’s Customer Portal.

However, When I change it to ‘Cancel at end of billing period’ the ‘Stripe Status’ in bubble doesn’t update immediately, which is obviously correct, as it should only update when the billing period ends.

With that in mind, I’m curious to know if the ‘Stripe Status’ in Bubble will automatically update when the customers billing period ends, or if I need to add another step to my backend workflow?

Here is my current backend workflow:

The Stripe_Status is gonna continue to show “active” until the end of the current billing period, after which it will show “canceled”. If you want to know which users are not renewing their plans at the end of the current billing period, you can to create a new yes/no user field called “Cancel_at_period_end” and update it in your workflow :slight_smile: Like this:


Add another workflow and see if subscription end event will work for you. There are many events listed here Stripe API reference – Types of events – curl