Date data corrupt or unusable

For a few days now, date values are being erroneously displayed.

Downloaded CSV’s and application data have become corrupted.

Is this something specific to my app or is it a bug?

I haven’t been dealing with dates much lately, so I can’t confirm; but I’m curious about it.

Are all dates in your DB corrupted? Or only those entered after a specific date? Or does it seem random? Can you reliably reproduce it when creating a new record?

Thanks for question @sudsy

I think I can explain it better after a little research. I don’t think the date is corrupted. I think it is the systems representation of the date as an output string. It is the printed date on the screen or in a file that seems to be corrupted.

I don’t see any corruption in records. It has been happening most noticeably for me for the last week. It has gone from occasional (with a quick re-run fixing it), to being so common that today I gave up and am now asking for someone to look at it.

I’ll second this. I have an app that lets lawyers sign up to speak with people who have signed up for a virtual legal clinic. The times the lawyers are self-selecting in the phone call are accurate in my Bubble database, but when I export they are changing. The minimum time in the app is 5:00 pm. While that appears accurate in the database, it is exporting to .csv as 0:00, 5:30 is exporting as 0:30, etc.

It sounds like you’re describing a different issue. What’s your time zone? Is the difference between the two values equal to your time zone offset?

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