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Date Format-only display Date

I’ve been reading through a few topics and I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for.

I want to remove both the “month” and “year” from the Date/Time Picker. For example, today’s date would read “18” instead of 2/18/2017.

Use case:
Utility Bill is due on the 3rd of every month. The Date/Time Picker would show the number 3.

You won’t be able to have the date picker itself display date only as initial content needs to be a full date type, but you can have a text element that takes the date picker’s value and use :extract date to pull out the number. Note that this converts that piece to a number and it is no longer part of a date format.

So you don’t want a date picker, you just want a number picker. You can set an input to only accept numbers, or you can set a dropdown to only have a list of appropriate numbers.

So if I create an input to only accept numbers, and the user enters in 3 that will correspond to the 3rd of every month; how do i determine if the bill is over due or current by comparing the input with the current date/time?

Maybe just extract the day from the date/time and comparing it to the number that was just generated?

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