Format date time picker

Hi, can anybody advise how do I format the date/time picker to show just the TIME. as the only two options are displayed DATE AND DATE/TIME

You can’t.

any other workaround

Make an Option set of times where the display is as it would normally show and then it has attributes for hours and minutes. Then when someone selects and item from the dropdown you can save the time to a date field by saying current date/time rounded down to day plus hours (this input value’s hours) plus minutes (this input value’s minutes). Or you could save it as the option set itself and just build on it as your app grows. Just make sure the hours fields use the full 24 hours.

Work around for what exactly?

Times are just numbers (they aren’t dates), so a date/time pocker is not the correct element for selecting times.

If you want your users to be able to select times from a drop-down, just create an option set containing the relevant times, and create a drop-down with those numbers.