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[solved] Date Picker Selecting Time Too

Even though I have the date picker set to only date it shows up as 12:00AM. This is throwing off my repeating group search for item function.

I am displaying a list of items in a repeating group by their creation date based off the picker. But the search shows no results because no items have a creation date of DD/MM/YY:12:00AM.

I did a test and if I select a range it will show, but I only need a single date.


Repeating List: (Let it load all items so you can see the dates.)

I see there is a date format in the Docs but I don’t see it in the options.

Any ideas? Thank you.

Use a :filter and then advanced.

Format both the dates as dd/mm/yy or mm/dd/yy


Thank you. Had never used the advanced filter before.

For anyone else who might have this question:

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