Date / Time Data Field Type w/ seconds

Is there anyway to get a Data Field Type with seconds, currently working on a project where it will required the a time format of hh:mm:ss

seems that the database field type will only handle hh:mm

I don’t know of a way to enter in a date using the date/time picker, but if you’re looking to just display that format, you can certainly do so by using the custom format in a text field.

Current date/time:formatted as hh:mm:ss

or display full date/time with seconds

Current date/time:formatted as mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss tt

I need it to be a data field that can be updated based on other user input. It will be used for an auction site so the seconds are needed.

I’d love to know how to do this in one entry as well. Updating date time to mssql I need to submit 1 value for date and another for time to get a full datetime stamp.

Did you try the extract method on the date field? There you can get the seconds das well (for the auction) as the time stamp in UNIX format.

No I have not tried that, I guess if can get it to add time as I need to and update as needed then I will worry about the seconds later and can focus on minutes for now.

Maybe I can request this feature

I am starting to think this might be the best way to go, it is all about formatting but will I lose time functions if I go with a text field type?

What functions are you referring to?

I am working on an auction platform and each auction has several lots… each lot will have their own closing time and normally this is spaced out in seconds so for example lot 1 closes at 20:00:00 and lot 2 would close at 20:00:10, lot 3 at 20:00:20, etc…

So I would need the option to set this time spacing using a field where I would enter seconds

As I am typing this… I thinking that I could use the closing time at the auction and then each lot that is added to that auction it will add the seconds amount that would be used, once I figure that out then I have to figure out how to handle if a lot is moved around or deleted I would have to update the closing time on that lot.

Maybe I can go with (lot count * staggered closing seconds) + Auction Closing Time = Lot Closing Time

Now I just have to figure out how to build that