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Something wrong with the Date/Time Picker?

I have a form on my app where the user selects a date (along with other unrelated bits and bobs) and submits that data which is stored in my App Data.

The Date/Time Picker is set to a “Wednesday, 18 January 2017” format, but the date being stored in my app data is being displayed in a “Jan 31, 2017 12:00 am” format.

So when the user is searching (also using a Date/Time Picker with a “Wednesday, 18 January 2017” format, the date being displayed in my Repeating Group is being displayed as “Jan 18, 2017” with “12:00 am” time.

I have doubled checked and the field type is set at date. (I have also tried removing it and creating a new field type, with no joy).

Does anyone know how to remove the 12:00 am time being displayed in my Repeating Group? Or even better, display it in a “Wednesday, 18th January 2017” format (with no time)?

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Click “more” after the dynamic text for the date in the repeating group and you’ll see “:formatted as” with a bunch of options that exclude time and even a custom option for you to format however you want.

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The format is not actually saved within the time/date field (due to the nature of databases). Rather, it is applied when you display the date/time in an element. So, as @romanmg mentions, you need to specify the format in the element each time you display it.

In other words: format is a visual setting, not a database setting :slight_smile:


That’s brilliant. Thank you @romanmg and @petter that is very handy to know. :grinning:

I think I need to spend more time exploring the :types - as there is clearly a lot of functions there.

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It’s also handy to be aware that picking a date and not a time means picking the time of midnight in the timezone of the user, which may display as a different date to a user in another timezone.

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