Inquiry about the 'List of dates' plugin and the start date

Hi. I am using the ‘List of dates’ plugin. I want to display a list of dates that starts 3 months in the past, and each week should begin on Monday.

Attempt #1
(Current date/time:rounded down to week +(days): 1) +(months):-3

It works fine for me, but when I checked it on Sunday, the list of weeks started with Sunday, and to make it work, I had to increase it by 2 days.

Attempt #2 - made today, Tuesday

(Current date/time:rounded down to week +(days):
Arbitrary text:
(Current date/time:extract day:formatted as 1029
is 0). formatted as number [Y=2, N=2]
:converted to number

In this attempt, I am confused because now to get Monday, I have to add 2 days to the ‘Not’ (when it’s not Sunday). And for the YES as well, hahaha.

Please, someone help me, I don’t know what to do.

Thanks :frowning:

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