Date/Time Picker Hours

Does anyone know how make the date and time picker 12 hours?

Also how to make it match the timezzone the user is in?


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I am pretty sure you can do it in the workflow. You go to date formatting and there you can choose the format and what timezone.

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Hi @eduKit - in Date/TimePicker, change to “Style” to blank (it defaults to “Standard Time Picker”. Then you’ll see some new fields appear. Change the “Time format” field. Refer to pic below.


This is correct: As for the Timezone, the date/time object IS created in the user’s Timezone. (More correctly: the browser’s Timezone. This is how JavaScriot date objects work, for better or worse.)

You guys are correct. The 12-hour time display has to be done with no Style. Thanks

Piggyback question… how did you separate your fields? It looks so great!

I’ve been struggling with mine.

I’m having a hard time getting the whole time to display and I can’t adjust the width of the date input. I also don’t know what that trailing “s” is all about.


I tried but I have not been able too. Possibly having 2 separte elements (one displaying time and other date)

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