Date/Time picker NOT displayed on Chrome browser

The date/time picker display window is not displayed on Chrome browser.
I authorized third-party cookies, pop-up in the Chrome settings and deactivated my VPN, but nothing changes.
On Safari, I have no display problem.
Has anyone ever had this problem, any ideas, a solution to this problem?

Thank you :blush: :pray:

Browser Chrome

Browser Safari

Someone from here or the bubble staff can help me please ? :smiling_face_with_tear:

Are you using built-in date time picker? Or any plugin? The built-in is obviously working in my Chrome for example:

Thank you for your answer.
Iโ€™m using the built-in from Bubble.
As I say, no problem in safari but problem in chrome. very strangeโ€ฆ

You should test in different machines as well to make sure.

Also, test in incognito mode to check if any chrome extension of yours is causing a problem .