Time / Date Picker not displaying dropdown for time pick

I’m having some difficulty figuring out why the time picker dropdown is not displaying when I click on the time. The date dropdown picker works just great.

Can someone explain why that is or if there is anything I need to do specifically to display the time dropdown picker? I’ve searched and looked everywhere, however, it seems like it should happen by default automatically, leading me to believe this could be a bug?

Any help would be appreciated.

Hey @johan1,

Can you attach a gif or a video clip to understand exactly what’s happening?

Appreciate you reaching out. It was a glitch, I moved on to use a plugin to solve that specific issue.

For someone that encounters this in the future, you can also create a separate dropdown using either static choices or option sets for the time picker if you do not want a third-party plugin like air date/time picker.

I’m having the same issue, I see the date picker, but do not see how one chooses the time.
Never mind, I see now where you can choose Date & Time as well as time.

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