Date/time picker is saving other time

About 10-20% of save time using date/time picker shows a different time from the one I select. While most seems to be just right. Anyone who experienced this? And solutions that were implemented?

I am looking to redo the entire workflow, elements, if no solutions are found.

Sounds like you’re dealing with time zone problems. By default, date/time pickers (if set to day) are set to 12:00 am. This gets messed up if your users are from different time zones.

What is the time difference? Is the deviation exactly a few hours, or just a few minutes?

Some ideas:

  1. Time Zone Differences: Bubble’s servers are in a specific time zone, and if you’re working in a different time zone, you may experience differences in the time displayed. Make sure you’re setting the time zone correctly in your date/time picker and in any workflows that use the date/time data.
  2. Data Type Conversion: If you’re doing any data type conversions in your workflow, such as converting a text input to a date/time, you may encounter issues if the format isn’t handled correctly.
  3. Data Saving Issues: If you’re experiencing inconsistencies in the data saved to your database, it may be due to how the workflow is set up or how the data is being retrieved and displayed. Maybe you use there current time and date from the picker?
  4. Formatting Issues: Sometimes the issue could be in the way the date/time is displayed on the page, not in the date/time value itself.

I do not think it is a time zone difference. My date time picker is meant only to save time in 15 minute increments. For example, the time start should be 8:00 AM in the date time picker, but upon saving, the data will be 10:51 AM.

Can you share the settings of the date and time picker and workflow?