Date/ time picker not showing minimum time for current date on page load

I’m building an application for an interactive chat messaging system where the user can choose to snooze a chat starting from the current time and anytime until 1 year from the current time.

I have managed to set the condition for minimum time when the day is current day using Conditionals.

The problem is, on page load or page refresh, the time slots show past time when the date selected is current date.

But when I attempt to select a past time, the list automatically changes to the current time and the current time is updated in the field.
Similarly, when I go to a future date select a time slot, and then return to the current date, the time slots are properly displayed.

Can someone help me figure out a way to ensure the time slots are correctly displayed for current date on page load?

Thanks in advance!

This sounds like a feature limitation if I’m correctly understanding you.

I dont think it will cause an issue, it just wont look nice, have you tested any of the other time and date pickers? there are a few which could be better

You were right, I’m planning to use Air Date/ Time Picker plugin to fix this UI issue

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