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Does anyone have experiance is setting up minimum date and time? For example date and time can’t be less than current date and time…


When you edit the Date/Time Selector there is an option to set the minimum date/time values.

yes seen that unfortunately that only applies to the dates and does not consider the hour or minute. I know there is a field for hours but then again it takes the hours value independently and does not offer a proper minimum or max time.

@Bubble any help here to have the minimum and max time of the date/time control act like its suppose to by taking into account the date/time instead of the date only?


Ah I see what you mean now. You can set the Minimum Date to “Current date/time”, but when you try do the same for Minimum Hour “Current date/time” isn’t accepted. Interesting… I wonder if it’s a bug.

I honestly don’t know. May @emmanuel can have a quick look?

have you tried current date/time extract: hour? Thus the condition is a combination of the date and the hour?

If there a bug please file a report, otherwise it’s a bit hard for me to help here.

Unfortunately that does not work! The element treats date and time separately.

I’m curious why it didn’t/doesn’t work @AliFarahat? That solution works for me. I have exactly the same scenario as you.

Did you solve it eventually?

EDIT: Ok. I might have been too fast to reply. It works very well for current date, but not for tomorrow or any other day in the future. You’re then right when you say:

Unfortunately that does not work! The element treats date and time separately.

I, myself am struggling with customising the hours format to display “current time closest to the latest quarter” for today. Any other date should show all hours available.

Yes setting a minimum date that takes into consideration the date and time as one thing is troublesome. This is one thing that many people here don’t really grasp and makes explaining the issue a bit complex. Unfortunately instill face this problem and I have no solution.

Hi Ali (@AliFarahat) , just to be sure, I sent a bug report on this topic 3 days ago (@emmanuel) , because the Minimum Hour is working to display the hour correctly (dynamic search), but doesn’t wrote into the database (with autobinding on). So I can see inside the database 12:00am instead of 1:00pm (or 13:00). I have to select the hour selector, and than it write the data correctly inside the db.
Just curious if I’m doing something wrong or everyone as the same problem. My users can’t know the selection isn’t wrote to database, so they just continue the process.

No your not. As far as I can tell the system will only engage auto bind action after the input has changed. Since the minimum hour is preloaded as per condition it does not seem to recognize when the date changes.

This is going need the help of the bubble team for sure. Again maybe I missed something maybe some else can add input to this.

I had this similar problem and here is the solution.


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