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Date & Time - time only?

Hi @emmanuel

Would it be possible for you to add Time option in Date&Time picker?

Now that we have the date range, it could help us a lot.
For example I am working on a booking app, where i need to allow users to set their opening hours.



It’s a different data type, so it’s not a super quick fix.

i understand. I ll have to find another solution then :slight_smile:

@emmanuel, in binding mode, the button hour show a value, in the database it show’s another value (the default), until we really selected the hour button. Bug or something we are missing? So yes, show time only, will be great, and bypass that problem.

I’ve noticed that [time] (when using date and time) isn’t displayed in the DB. It’s there, because you can use it, but you only see [date] and you can’t edit the time either from the app data view.

Is this the same as you’re talking about?

Yes, with the auto-binding activated. The default value in DB is 00:00 instead of the value you decided (ie 9:00). You have to pick the time to make it work (even if the time display 9:00).

@JohnM, just to be clear to avoid confusion, I’m only talking about how it’s presented backend. What I mean is that if you choose a date and time with the picker, and save it to the DB, only the date is shown in App Data. However, the time is included in the DB.

As far as I’m aware, it doesn’t matter if autobinding is on or off. In my example, it’s off, but as said, shouldn’t make any difference.

You have to pick the time to make it work

agree, correct.

(even if the time display 9:00)

Above I don’t understand.

Do agree though, easier date/time handling would be nice. :slight_smile: