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Building a dating app using daty. Using the tinder type function to swipe left (if I don’t like the displayed user) and right (If I do like the displayed user). need assistance on how to go back to the previous user after a swipe left or right???

Was thinking of adding a button to the page, that says…after a click, return to previous???

You can have a conditional element (perhaps a clickable text box) that pops up after a user swipes either direction (perhaps in the bottom of the window). In platforms like Bumble, you aren’t allowed to unlike someone, because the like is immediately sent to that person (it wouldn’t be “nice” to revoke a like). Also, there’s no consequence to accidentally liking someone, because you don’t have to respond to them if you get a match. I would stick with having this conditional element pop up only if the user swipes left, as that person won’t be shown again otherwise. This way, you don’t have an annoying popup after every single swipe.

Thank you for the quick response. That does give another great direction. Can you please give an example of the workflow for that thought?

I would recommend watching this tutorial on a basic dating app swipe function. The tutorial is only 10 minutes long and should give some good hints towards the end of the video on how you can achieve your goal. I don’t have time to make a operational workflow right now, but I will make one if you still need help later. In the meantime, a basic outline is:

  1. Create a reference to the currently swiped user.
  2. Once the user is swiped, trigger a hidden “undo” button to be shown.
  3. Upon pressing “undo”, reference the stored unique ID of your currently swiped user to immediately insert them into the queue.

Hopefully this gets you moving. Let me know if you have any more questions.

There is a plugin available for this from @gaurav

Excellent! I will reach out.

@gaurav, can you assist here? :wink:

Sorry I meant to say from @ZeroqodeSupport :blush:

You can use ‘Easy list’ element from the Utilities (bdk) plugin to ‘undo’ any stored thing(s) upto 5 times consecutively. That should probably solve your problem :slight_smile:


Is this used for swiping?

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