Building dating app like a tinder

Hello Bubble world,

My name is Odi

I Need help I’ve been tinkering around with Bubble learning from scratch for about a year and change. I think I understand some of the core principles now, about how to instruct and program bubble to do things. I’m trying to do the simplest form of a dating app with a swipe left and swipe right feature like a tinder. As Im going on my journey Im confused about a couple of things maybe community can help, will try to explain as clear and simple as I can.

So imagine tinder or hinge. user’s sign up via FB or email and then they are on the app. We’ll come back to this in a moment.

Picture the Main interface pg of a tinder or hinge. The page in which there is a photo of your potential match in the middle, and down below or on the photo itself you can swipe left for NO and swipe Right for YES

I’ve used buttons under the photo to indicate these choices YES PLEASE ( right swipe) and NO THANKS ( left swipe)

Assume the design is fine. Programming both buttons and the photo is where im struggling. Let me explain

In my understanding what we call in bubble APPLICATION DATA is where all the data IE users who sign up for my app will be stored

I’ve set up my data types as follows: Male User, Female User, Male Date, Female Date

In the sign up process new users are asked to define if they are male or female, and based on how I’ve programmed the app, they will be saved in the database as a male user or a female user

The goal is to have the photo’s change based on who is the current user at the time, sometimes it will be boys looking for girls, and sometimes it will be girls looking for boys.

I created " Date" to define the photo on the main interface, Follow me. So data wise when a user signs up, he/she is also a potential “date” for someone else when they are not the current user.

How do program or communicate to bubble that basically :
A. When current user is male, " date" should be female, and if current user is female, “date” should be male

2nd question. It seems that the only way to tell bubble to pull up new “dates” as a user flips through the potential “dates” is by making a repeating group on a page, but requires user to load themselves onto this repeating group? I thought that based on the data settings ive created bubble will save all signed up users accordingly. But it seems for what im doing I have to have a “list” a repeating group essentially that functions as a source for the app to pull up or “search for” dates? To vague? Please help me explain it better. Im getting close but I;m going crazy trying to figure out how to explain exactly what I want to bubble!!

Any help or help me explain it better would be greatly appreciated!!




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Dating apps become very popular nowadays between young people. And it is no wonder because using such app you have an opportunity to meet a person with the similar point of view, attitude to real life, ideology. In other words, as they sometimes say, “as crazy as you are” (with a good sense of humor of course). That is why you question is very up-to-date and many people are really interested in development an application that will similar to Tinder or Grinder but probably a bit more comfortable is use and including some new interesting features.

If you are interested in the functionality of the app - I’d recommend you to read this article attentively: How to Make an App Like Tinder?

Dude, what are you talking about with male / female logic? Don’t you have gay and / or trans people on your site?

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Find what?

obviously you’ll need big staff or bots… That’s how the dating companies work.

hmmm it is pretty difficult task you may need to first use the tinder app first

As per the current time dating app one of the most popular mobile among the users. where tinder is quite bit more popular in current teenagers. build app like tinder is really it even in 2020 based on the current it required bunch of new features and graphics improvements.

=> Building dating app like a tinder
If you want to build a dating app like Tinder, you need to follow the steps given below carefully.
=> Conduct Market Research
=> Validate your Idea by reaching out to different forums, social media sites, etc.
=> Define all features, functionalities & platform
=> Create UI/UX Design of your Dating App
=> Develop your Dating app
=> Test and Launch your Dating App
If you want to know why other dating app fail? Read full article here: Why Dating Apps Fail

This blog post by @lachlankirkwood1 on Bubble’s Blog might be useful to you :slight_smile:


How does a tinder app work? I even don’t know much about this one yet. But I would like to know more. Thank you so much!

Try to make all gender types are possible like amino.

I would like to add something here. I was asking for some kind of help on how to use a transgender app. But in the meantime, I found something which is really helpful for me. The article is written based on how to date trans woman. I like the tips.

What do you think about it? If you have some other suggestions I am ready to accept. Thanks!

Amino is for all gender

How long would the development take to build a Tinder clone? Do you think it’d be possible to build in 1-3 months?