Anyone had experience with a dating app through bubble?

Hey folks!

Been messing around with Bubble awhile now, doing the tutorials, watching online and trying my own stuff.

I’m finally ready to start working on my dating app however I have already encountering a few issues.

  1. I’ve installed the tinder swiping plugin but I am struggling to filter the other user’s profiles to the users requirements (age, location, orientation).
    2Another issue is that the Current Users profile keeps coming up in the potential matches sections. As much as we would like to match with someone exactly like ourselves, this is obviously impractical for a dating app.
  2. Once a user swipes left/right I would like that specific profile to be removed from the pile. At present, it currently sends the correct profiles to the correct places but still leaves the profiles in the pile so they come up again and again, even after the user has decided their fate.

Hope somebody would be kind enough to guide me in the right direction. Thanks guys and stay safe!


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Hi, I am a novice developer, and I am also concerned about this question, I hope someone will answer this thread, because there is little information about this in YouTube or somewhere else

Hey, check out this youtube tutorial:
Might be of help