Dating app needs user to user chat

I’m creating or trying to create a dating app where user can send a direct message to another profile user.

So when user sends a message to another random user.

Once the user send a message to a random user. A new chat data thing is created and also chat message data is created. Users profile pic gets pinned to a repeating group chat list

The message is created and other messages are then added to the newly created message data.

The chats remain private to other users

And some sort of delete chat button.

I am kind of getting there but can anyone recommend the correct work flows and conditions,

Seems like this as been asked so many times before on the forum but I’m still struggling.

I’m new to bubble so probably a bit ambitious for a second project.

Hi @nikkdobson,

take a look at this tutorial: How to build a MESSAGING app in Bubble - Flexbox 2022 - Bubble Tutorial - YouTube

Hope this helps.

I tried to follow that tutorial before, I found the instructor moving along too fast. In the end I couldn’t get his app to work.

My issue is that all the templates i have tried, they seem to be pulling all the users into the chat channel. I only want chat between 2 users. I tried to create a new data thing called Favorites. So when a user click on a users profile he can the favorite them. Then the chat will be adding only favorites into the chat. That is what I am trying to achieve

I purchase duo chat but because the workflows and data is so big I need to upgrade the template into a paid account. I am not even sure if duo chat will work the way I want, so it ended up being a waste of money because i can’t even test it :frowning: I’m really struggling with this app