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DB creating modified versions - can it be switched off?

data base modified
I need some help please - I am not sure why, but when I add a new record, the DB is listing a “Thing Modified 1”, “Thing Modified 2”, “Thing Modified 2”…etc (see picture)
It creates this for any type of Thing modified.

How can it be switched off?
Many thanks,

Hi there, @theproductschools… those modified views of a data type are created when you change what you are viewing for a particular data type. For example, if you want to view an extra field or two or you want to constrain the data you are viewing, the system creates a modified view of the data type. You can’t turn those modified views off (i.e., you can’t tell the system not to create them when you modify the view for a data type), but you can safely delete them because they are only views, and you are not actually deleting data.

Hope this helps.


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Hi @mikeloc , Thank you so much for your answer. I understand what you say.

It is a bit weird because up until Christmas, there was no “Modified” copy listed and now there is. There were no new fields or constraints added. Not much fun having to delete so many…
Cheers Rux

Just to be clear, I didn’t mean fields or constraints added to data types or expressions. The views are created when you are on the App data tab and you click the highlighted link and select more fields to view or add a constraint on the data that is being shown.

You must be clicking that link and modifying the view because that is the only way those additional views can be created.

Now it makes sense!
Thank you so much @mikeloc

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