Change in my Data Base

Hi, can someone explain, a problem when l view my database some of the fields are not displayed, I click on the “additional fields” and and then click on the tick box of the field l want to display, then go back but the database creates a new database with “MODIFIED” at the end.

It’s annoying because all the references in the app are leading the original database but when new data is put into the app it is stored on the MODIFIED version.

Any help is well appreciated.

Hey there,

The “modified” version is not a new database. It’s just Bubble’s way of saying “view”.

So basically, it’s the same thing, but allows you to display more than the default fields. It’s a “modified” view of the same datatype. In my humble opinion, it’s a terribly confusing way of going about it. and just displaying more fields in the regular view, just like any other table based software, would be so much better. I’m guessing there are some valid reasons for why Bubble has chosen to do it this way however. Or perhaps they were just feeling a bit adventurous and decided to try something new :wink:

For one, it would be somewhat difficult to show a view with constraints perhaps. But I would much prefer for them to be split and we were allowed to simply display additional columns in regular view, and views with constraints were a different thing altogether.

Edit: Adding to this, I would suggest building an Admin page where you can display exactly the information you want, have full control over your database and make it much easier to deal with your data.

Thanks for you feedback. The problem is that l have a custom state that links to the original database so when new user puts info in, it does show up on the users screen.

Adding an admin page, l think would do the same thing.