DB Disapeared Does not show

Hi guys,

The rows in database on my app does not appear in preview mode (live or Dev). What I have to do to solve this problem?

Before uploading it is working perfectly.

What constraints are on the search for the repeating group data source? And what is the filter on it?

And what constraints are on the search?

Check privacy rules and make sure you ignore empty constraints. Just fyi, searchboxes with geographic addresses don’t seem to work with ignore empty constraints.


Reply: The Date on format bubble.

I made group of inputs to filter the repeating group, to organize a list of the events I sort by Date.

I’m brazilian and I speak portuguese. Translating: Data = Date and Data = Dados

It could be any number of things - to be honest without seeing more it’s hard to say.

Feel free to share a link to your editor if you want me (or anyone else) to take a quick look (it will probably be easier to diagnose that way).

I verified the field “ignore empty constraints” and that’s it. It worked =) Thank you

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Another thing, the filter can be applied directly inside the search. It will be faster =) You’re not doing anything advanced inside the filter.

If you can’t move them all, make sure to move as many as possible to prevent searching for unnecessary records.

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Thanks @nocodeventure, your tips really helped me solve this problem.

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