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Hello Everyone,
I’ve been making a few changes to my app so I’ve been deploying new live versions multiple times today. Now that I’ve done so many times, the repeating group on my main page does not appear. However when I search for the data that is supposed to be in those repeating group cells, they appear. I thought it was a data problem but the data is there when I search for it as well as when Im managing it through bubble.
It is ridiculous to think that it’s a glitch because I updated my live version a lot of times.
Any Insight?
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Sup Janjofe,

My friend, there are indeed glitches (even in the best o things, amirite!?!)… However, in my experience, in the battle of platform glitch VS. human glitch:

Platform glitches: 1%
User glitch: 99%

You said you ‘search’ for the data and find it… Do you mean that you’re going into the database (on the DB tab) and viewing the data that way?

Nothing’s showing in the RG… That usually means one-o-two things… Take yer pick.
A) Your RG’s search is messed up somehow, not pulling what you want to find
B) Your RG is doing a solid query, yet you aren’t showing the RG’s data to the user… I mean, you can’t just throw a nice RG onto the screen without some way to display the info… such as a button, text box, etc…)

That’s a very basic feature… Check your logic my friend.

Happy Bubblin!


@janjofe, what @ashley.benson.tait said, and also check your privacy rules. If you have those enabled, it’s possible you’ve locked yourself out of viewing the data with the rules.

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i found sometimes things don’t appear on the preview page until i moved them to front as in send ot back or move to front…don’t know if it helps

Hey Roman!

Thanks, but i checked all of the above mentioned and still nothing. I ask if it’s a glitch because it has happened to me before that if i’m logging in too much with one user profile, the data from the app doesn’t appear any longer on that particular user’s profile for a while. It’s just that it has never happened for all my users, my app is published in the appstore and google play through webview. So I don’t know if it has anything to do with the cookies or something of that sort.

Hey Ashley!
So the data I’m talking about is supposed to show up in a feed. That’s the main page for the app. User’s create a post and the post is visible in the feed. So I also have a search tab on the top of the feed page so user’s can look for posts by searching the username of the user who created a post. When I do the search the posts appear and all the data appears on my bubble files as well. So the data is there, because when I use the search tab it shows me the posts i’m looking for, but apart from that the posts aren’t showing on the repeating group. So it must be something wrong with the repeating group.

@janjofe Show/hide conditionals on the RepeatingGroup itself might be the issue here but if you still see the behavior, please submit a bug report.