Data from repeating group disappearing in a few days after adding

Data from repeating group disappearing in a few days after adding

Meanwhile, it’s still stored in database

I’ve already tried to pick “display full dataset”, it didn’t help

Hey there @alexandrbasis,

Can you send a screenshot of how you have your data source setup within your repeating group?

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Here is it

Hi there, @alexandrbasis… Johnny was referring to the repeating group itself, not the elements within the repeating group. What is the data source of the repeating group? Are there any constraints on the search that would be causing data to “disappear,” such as only showing tasks where Finished = no or something like that?


Oh, thanks for explaining!

Yes, there is such a search filter:

Ha! I didn’t expect to get it exactly right. :slight_smile:

So, with that constraint in place, things will disappear from the repeating group when they are marked as finished (that is, when their Finished field is set to yes). Is that what you want to happen? If you want to show things that are not finished and things that are finished, remove that constraint, and you should be good to go.

Thanks for your reply)

But it’s not an actual problem.

Will try to make it super-clear

So, I have a dataset that has several tasks, marked and didn’t mark “finished”

But whether they are marked or not they are still disappearing in preview in few days after adding

Yup, I understand what you are saying, but it doesn’t make sense (to me, at least) because with the constraint you have on the repeating group’s search, finished tasks will never show up in the repeating group. So, we might need a video of the problem or access to your editor to poke around under the hood a bit because tasks shouldn’t be “disappearing” on their own.

I’ve recorded a short video, just for ex.

If you want me to show different part of my app, just tell me :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help

It looks like you have privacy rules applied on the Consolidated Base data type… check those rules and see if they are preventing the data from being shown (consider deleting them altogether just to see if the data shows up).

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You were absolutely right!


Appreciate your help!

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