DB entry modified after save

I’ve created an example to show the problem:

Example App

I don’t know if this problem is caused by the plugin I am using. The plugin is creating a UUID and I want to store this value in the database. But the value is not stored in the database properly.

The workflow is:
Buton clicked → Generate UUID → Set UUID in Custom State → Create DB Entry from value in Custom State

What happens is: The new generated value from the custom state is stored in the Database for a short moment, but then reverted to the value in the custom state before the operation. Every time the button is clicked, this exact thing happens. It is visible in the repeating group. For a short moment there is the correct new value, but then it gets reverted.

Try adding a short pause between the actions to see if the issue is the workflow is running too fast.

It works perfectly when run in the “slow” mode in the editor which means it’s probably doing something in parallel that you don’t want it to.

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Indeed, that seems to “solve” the problem. But isn’t this more of a workaround than a real solution?

Actually there is more to this problem. And it doesn’t seem to be caused by the plugin, since using another UUID generator does show the same symptoms.

I added the actions of saving the UUID to the page load workflow. When the page is loaded, you’ll see an entry in the database. Once you refresh the page, that very entry is gone from the database!

In the workflows are you using “result of step 1’s UUID” or are you doing some “do search for” in the later workflows.

It should be “result of step 1’s……”

That’s the only thing I can think of that’s not related to the UUID plugin

I am not really sure what you are asking. You can also check out the example app and see for yourself how I have done it.

If I am understanding your question correctly, it’s “result of step 1’s UUID”.

I have reported a bug about this. There is no way I can make this work, and it seems to me to be a profound issue, if I can not be sure that AFTER a database entry is made it will stay there, but is instead automatically removed / modified by some ghost processes.

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