Value seems to change with no "outside" influence

This is a weird and I hope someone else has seen this before.

I have a workflow that includes a plugin that returns an integer (the number of rows in a CSV file).

Workflow step 3 is what returns the integer.

Workflow step 4 is just to let the async process within step 3 catch up so bubble doesn’t move on with a null value.

Workflow step 5 writes the value to console.log.

Workflow step 6 then updates the DB with a variety of information, one of which is this returned value.

The problem I’m having is step 5 returns using the correct value while step 6 uses the wrong value.

This page is used to upload CSV files into an app>

At step 5, the value used is the correct value for the file that was just uploaded, where at step 6, the is the correct value for the PREVIOUSLY UPLOADED file.

Has anyone seen anything like this?

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