Scary bug database not saving data

Sometimes Workflows don’t save data to the database. I’d have to delete the Workflow and add it again manually. It has happened around 15 times now since Cloudflare has been implemented with different apps. @eve


Hello and thanks for reporting!

As usual, for issues like this please do also file a bug report if you haven’t already so that our team can investigate further.

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That’s pretty scary!

After reading this post’ I’d be super keen to hear more about your findings from this and your response from bubble.

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I remove the workflow and add it again to make it work because I know 100% that it should work. For new Bubblers it would be devestating.

Thank you for sharing about this @nocodeventure! This is good to know.

Oké filed a report

Following this thread, i’m curious to know more about this bug and the reason behind it.

It happened to me today, but the data was big. It’s close to about 10mb. It made it look like it saved the data, and then it just disappeared. When I checked the logs, I saw that he canceled the transaction.

Yup, happened to me on several apps.

Was the data large? @nocodeventure

No just a Workflow to Save a User’s first name. When a button is clicked change User’s first name from Input value.

Thank you. Tomorrow, I’il check the others. Frankly, I don’t think that too many apps are affected, because there are few people who give their opinion. I’il check it anyway. Thanks for the answer.

When you copy an element with workflows to another page it happens quite often.

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