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Database record limit

I’m very new with platform, and recently saw mention of a firm 10,000 record limit on a database-related process (I believe it was importing to Bubble). My database will have perhaps 15,000 records, but with filtering will need to display way fewer (perhaps 100 or so). Will Bubble support my app? Thanks very much

A common Bubble question.

There is not really a limit on database size in that way.

10,000 refers to the number of items you can have in a list. For example if you had a User with a list of “Friends” (other User records) that would be limited to 10,000.

People have a lot more than 15,000. You need to be a bit careful in your searches but it works fine.


Thank you SO much, NigelG … that truly is fantastic. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with both the platform and this forum. Have a great day.


Sorry to bring this thread back from the dead, but I just wanted to clarify on the limitation. Are you saying that if I have a “Messages” database, it will stop working when it reaches 10,000 records? Or, will it not be able to return anything beyond 10,000 messages without an additional filter being applied to keep the returned number of records under 10,000?

Neither of those things :slight_smile:

If you have a field on User which is a List of Messages, then you can’t have more than 10,000 messages in THAT list.

You can have more than 10,000 messages. Just not in a list together.

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You can store an unlimited number of messages. Imagine that every list is a bucket that you can fill with 10.000 records. If you need to store more records, just create another bucket, add a workflow that will add new messages to the second bucket “Only when” bucket number one is > 9.999

You´d be creating an additional partition for each set of 10.000 records


Hi, again brining it up from the dead.

You mentoined a workflow.

Is there any way to add bubbles automatically to a certain list? I’m using the chrome plugin, and currently chosing a space everytime manually.

Hi this might be a stupid question, so is the 10GB limit on my plan not including records? just Uploaded images, files etc.?

I dont have the capacity to move to a bigger plan yet and I’m thinking if the increase in my user record will eat up my database/server capacity.


Correct. 10Gb is for files only. Not … non file fields :slight_smile:

Thanks for always answering Nigel! :slight_smile:

what if your user record grows to lets say, 20k? do you need to store it to a separate bucket?

20k users … well done for scaling so well :slight_smile:

If you mean number of rows, then 20k is really fine. 250k (and more) too. Just be careful on searches, they can get slow if not done right.

We tend to suggest that LISTS are limited to maybe 100-250 entries for perfomance reasons. That is where the “bucket” mentioned above might come it. So you might have a list of “favourites” that you could use to search, but if your user could follow 10,000 users … don’t use a list in this case. Or at least not a list of “users I follow”.

I can’t do better than recommed …

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Thank you very much Nigel! you’re very helpful :slight_smile: have a good day!

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I’ve read through a number of threads here but I haven’t actually seen the limit mentioned anywhere. Some said there’s no limit, others mentioned that 50k is fine. What’s the limit of the database or atleast for any specific thing?