DB performance at 2M+ entries?

I’ve looked at many older forums and they seem to be all before bubble introduced workflows and I’m wondering if anything’s been changed since.

I am building V2 of an app that my company has been using for the last 7 months. In these last 7 months we have managed to get one of the datatypes to about 240k rows.
I am expecting about 20-30 companies to be using this app and am expecting a 200k - 300k entries to be added to this table on a monthly basis.

Considering all get operations from this table follow privacy rules and results are paginated, can bubble handle this sort of db load or should I build using Xano?

For “big” data, I’d highly suggest third-party. For those specific chunks atleast.

Other data like user information, messages, etc., sure.

Sure, Bubble can handle 2M+ just fine. Our app is in use by several hundred businesses at any given moment and as a result we have several large-ish database tables. One of them has about 18 million rows so far, another has 4.8 million, and another has over 3 million. We use privacy rules so that any one business is only viewing their own data, so using those combined with appropriate constraints on your searches then Bubble handles it just fine in my experience. We graduated to a dedicated plan about a year ago but we already had several large tables before making the jump.

It’s a pretty subjective question, though, because it really matters what you’re doing with the data, the nature of the data, and how much of it you’re trying to add to the database or download from it at any given moment.