DDOS & odd story

Lately I’ve been wondering if there is any built in mechanism to try and prevent or at least mitigate a DDOS attack.


2 months ago I launched a product on ProductHunt (wasn’t very good). A poster got mad that I was outranking him in the comments. About an hour later I got flooded with fake comments/upvotes and then kicked off.

Fast forward two weeks later. I enable the pro plan and set up stripe. The same credit card bought 53 subscriptions under different emails (have backend email verification set up). Then proceeded to dispute all transactions with their bank. So my stripe account is pretty much over.

I’m over this project if this guy is going to be this wild. But, if I wasn’t. I fear a DDOS or who knows what will be next.

Just had to tell someone. Don’t have a Twitter. Thanks for reading.

Hi @will.nft.works,

In terms of Bubble mitigating DDoS attacks, I know that you can have Bubble turn on Cloudflare’s Under Attack Mode when you are suffering from a DDoS attack. I’m not sure if Bubble has a system in place that will automatically turn on Under Attack Mode if it suspects that you are undergoing a DDoS attack