Deactivating "deploying to live" step confirming


Can one deactivate this step in the Deploy process so that the “deploying to live” windows does not show anymore…or at least for a while ?
if so, how can one do that ?

To my knowledge, it cannot be disabled. Regardless, my feeling is best as a multi-step process that requires acknowledgement.

If it was a one click process, it could easily be clicked unintentionally by an end user, leading to a inadvertent deploy - that could go unnoticed by the developer.

Building in Bubble largely bypasses the normal development process of code reviews, testing, etc. (but offers some helpful utilities - like the debugger - that mitigates some needs). I think the added step - especially that it prompts for a description of the deploy - is a nice safeguard.

Other website builders may utilize a one-button deploy process, but their function is largely for static sites. Since Bubble’s function is for apps, the consequence of a deploy is much greater.

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