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Inconsistencies in deployment

Wondering if anyone has similar issues. Deploying is not sending everything to live. Elements and workflows missing.

I have a production plan and there are two of us building in bubble.

We have the standard Dev version “Test”, then each of us has our own dev version for working on our own projects.

To deploy changes to live, we decide on a time to do it. One of us then brings in the changes from both of our dev versions to the main “test” version. Then we deploy that test version. We’re being very careful to update our versions with live once the changes are updated and also refreshing the browser before sending changes, etc…

Several times after deploying we have noticed that certain pages we have been recently working on don’t get the new changes in live. Seems like some of the new stuff is there but not all, and these are sometimes breaking changes.

We have a support ticket out to bubble of course (second one of this nature), but we have noticed this 4-5 times already and while re-deploying seems to fix the issue, I was just curious if anyone else had similar issues.