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Dear bubble developers, are your clients satisfied with bubble?

Hi colleagues web developers, I am new to commercial web developing, so I have some questions to you. First — do your clients admit your offer when you tell them that you are creating websites in bubble, also letting them know about account pricing in bubble and not enough size of file storage, hosting in bubble? Second — after you passing them website, are they actually satisfied with managing it in bubble? I believe Bubble is much better than WP or any other analogue, how can I make client believe that bubble is perfect for him/her?

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@Emmanuel @romanmg

Hey @nursultanmaidan :wave:

This document helps explain what Bubble is to investors. Maybe you can use some of its wording when explaining Bubble to your clients.

Check it out:

My clients have been super excited to use Bubble and are thrilled at how it works and how quick it is to make changes. For what it’s worth, the ones that are satisfied are usually on at least a professional plan though.

Hope that helps! :blush:


For All Your No-Code Education Needs:

My oldest Bubble application has been running already for almost 7 years on a customer.
It’s unbelievable how good it works and how much it scales without concern.

Half of their competitors have called me since, asking me to create a similar application for them :sweat_smile: (didn’t do it, obviously)


My suggestion is to get a good understanding of Bubble capabilities and your client’s problem. Bubble is great for many use cases, I just finished an app for a small company and they are quite happy, but they didn’t need too much storage nor computer capacity.

On the other hand I have projects, which are far more demanding in terms of server usage and I’m using Xano for most of the Backend as it is faster and cheaper.

If you want to sell Bubble apps at any cost, it could harm your image as the product that you would be delivering might not be what your clients expected, so I suggest you to:

1.- Understand your client’s needs, this way you will have clarity to assess if Bubble is a good fit or not
2.- Let them know all the costs associated (I usually provide a scope with a fixed price and a timeline, plus the costs of Bubble maintenance and all the associated integrations)
3.- Be honest even if it cost you some deals, the worth of mouth is quite powerful and it can bring you great opportunities, but also it could give you a bad reputation (the world is smallest than what you might believe, that is even more true in the No Code world)