Debug with BREAK

Here is an idea…

How about adding the possibility to insert a BREAK function in the preview debug mode.
This would halt any workflow at the specific break point so that you can inspect the results.
I would find this especially helpful as some of my wrokflows run through 30+ steps and watching then in “slow” mode takes a while.

I guess a workaround is to add a pop-up dialog with an “OK / CANCEL” option at various points but this is a bit clunky.

If anyone one has a clever interim options I’d love to hear it.

Thanks all!

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How about the step by step mode to run workflow?

Thanks Emmanuel.
I use that but then I have to step through each action individually until I hit the workstep that is causing me my headaches.

I have a workflow that has 30 steps, so ideally I would like to run (at normal speed) through the first 20 steps…then BREAK…inspect the element…and then run the remaining 10 steps.

Interesting suggestion, we’ll think about it when we’ll work on the debugger again. not very soon though.


+1 on this.

How do you inspect a workflow that is not triggered by an action? Say a “do when condition is true”. If you have the “every time” condition enabled, it should run every time the condition is true. However, if something’s wrong, the system will stop the workflow without warning. If you have large conditions, it’s impossible to see what’s wrong. Is there a way to deal with this? :no_mouth:

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Did you sort this out by any chance?

I’m trying to figure out the same thing - how to inspect a ‘do when condition is true’ condition on a workflow.