Debugger shows event failed, but db and logs show otherwise

In my login workflow, I’m using the following workflow events:

[Action w/ passing conditions]
Sign the user up (search for users(email = input)) first item is empty
Log the user in (search for users(email = input)) first item is not empty

I’ve deleted this user from the dev and live db and run the login workflow.

The debugger shows that the sign the user up condition did not pass. Nonetheless, the logs will show that the user was signed up. The database also shows that this user was signed up.

This isn’t terrible considering the user still gets logged in, but I have a feeling this will lead to bugs and frustration in the future.

Does anyone know why this might be happening? How might it be fixed?

Kindly following up on this.

Thank you!

The workflow doesn’t run at the same speed as the step-by-step debugger…

The workflow runs in real time - so the condition will be true when the workflow runs, and the User will get signed up…

But by the time the step-by-step debugger reaches that step, the condition is no longer true.

Thank you sir :pray:

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