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Log in workflow stops working after log out

Hey guys,

When I launch my log in page and sign in as a user all works well and all workflows trigger. If I log the user out and go to the log in page and sign back in, none of the work flows will trigger after “log user in” and pushes me to a white screen.

Even if I remove my custom event trigger and do a simple go to page, it still will not trigger that. Confirmed with the debugger that the workflow stops at this stage.

Any ideas?

When you log out, the Current User thing changes from a user in your DB to an anonymous user with all the custom fields empty. Looks like the signup_complete field is yes part doesn’t evaluate to true.

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Right that makes sense, but the user has re signed back in so Current User is the user who just logged in?

Not according to this condition.
It’s not tied to the condition that the user must be logged in.
You could modify it to be something like signup_complete field is yes and current user is logged in.

Alternatively, if this is supposed to trigger when the user logs in, I’d change the condition of the workflow to current user is logged in and add the signup_complete field is yes condition to the go to page action within the workflow. This will also trigger when the page loads here and the user is logged in though.