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Decent documentation for newbies

I see there is a huge amount of functionality in, and it is evolving quickly.

Unfortunately the documentation is very light and is not kept up to date.

I can’t figure out how to complete this most simple of test apps:

  • Install Dropbox API plugin by Airdev (DONE)

  • Add button and wire up workflow to get credentials for Dropbox account (I think DONE)
    Though I don’t really want to use this as the authentication mechanism for the Bubble app

  • Call Dropbox List Folders API data call and populate a Folders table

Please someone just list a bullet point set of steps or point me to a tutorial that is complete.

Welcome to the Bubble community. :slight_smile:

One thing that may not be immediately apparent is that not all plugins are created by the Bubble team. If you have questions about a plugin versus the platform, I’d encourage you to reach out directly to the person who built the plugin you’re trying to troubleshoot.

In this case, @airdev is the plugin developer. (Profile)

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Hi Dan.

I did email them as well with a link to this post.

But I think my statement about the documentation is still fair :slight_smile:

A load more example apps would be welcome that show how to use features.

This could be the best rapid web app builder in the world for the price/features but I’m struggling to decide that.

I have 20+ years of senior+ experience across all aspects of dev, and if I’m struggling, that makes me think pain for a load of other newbies as well.

There is a load of examples of good Onboarding making/breaking apps.


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It is a fair point, however, I struggle to think of any app as young as Bubble with similar features that had totally comprehensive documentation so early.

But I think you are right about the Plugin, I can’t get it to work with the calls either, although the actual OAUTH part works it seems.

If Airdev don’t get back to you it is a simple enough to set up this call via the APi connector.

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@bubble8 certainly is. The @bubble team is very responsive to recommendations for product improvements.

So, if there are a few concrete ideas that come to mind around how they can better help with documentation, especially around the plugins platform, my feeling is that they would be happy to hear it.

The expanded community plugins tool is relatively new, context below.

I would love to see more docs on integration to be honest, bubble has 50 ways of doing any task but when it comes to some of these api’s and external services its hard to know what you can hack around when there isn’t good docs on how they have made it work let alone how they intended for us to use it.