Plugin documentation standards and initiatives

Lack of clear documentation for community-built plugins in Bubble can create a number of issues for users who are less technical or unfamiliar with the plugin development process. Here are a few of the main issues:

  1. Difficulty understanding how to use the plugin: Without clear documentation, it can be difficult for users to understand how to use a community-built plugin in their Bubble application. This can lead to frustration and wasted time trying to figure out how the plugin works.
  2. Uncertainty about what the plugin can do: Users may not fully understand the functionality of a community-built plugin without clear documentation, which can lead to missed opportunities for optimizing their application. They may also overlook features or functions that could be beneficial to their workflow.
  3. Inefficient use of time: Users may waste a lot of time trying to understand a plugin without clear documentation. This can lead to slower development cycles and less efficient use of resources.
  4. Decreased trust in the plugin: Users may be less likely to use a community-built plugin if the documentation is unclear or incomplete. They may also be less likely to trust the plugin’s functionality or reliability, which can lead to missed opportunities for using powerful and useful plugins in their application.

In summary, the lack of clear documentation can be a significant issue for users trying to utilize community-built plugins in Bubble. By improving the documentation, developers can help users better understand how to use the plugin and take full advantage of its functionality, leading to more efficient development cycles and increased trust in the plugin’s capabilities.

Here are a few ideas that I’d like to present to the Bubble community to help improve the situation:

  1. Establish clear documentation guidelines: Bubble could create a set of guidelines for plugin developers to follow when creating documentation for their plugins. This could include a standardized format for documentation, best practices for organizing documentation, and guidelines for creating instructional videos or other types of media.
  2. Encourage community contributions: Bubble could create a community-driven documentation effort that encourages users to contribute to the documentation for community-built plugins. This could be done through a public wiki or other collaborative platform.
  3. Create a centralized documentation hub: Bubble could create a centralized documentation hub that collects documentation for all community-built plugins in one place. This hub could include search functionality, filtering by plugin category or tag, and user ratings and reviews.
  4. Host regular documentation workshops: Bubble could host regular workshops or webinars that focus on creating effective documentation for community-built plugins. These workshops could be led by experienced plugin developers or documentation specialists and could cover topics such as writing effective instructional text, creating clear visual aids, and designing intuitive user interfaces.
  5. Offer documentation support for plugin developers: Bubble could offer support and resources to plugin developers to help them create high-quality documentation for their plugins. This could include access to documentation templates, style guides, and instructional materials, as well as direct support from documentation specialists or experienced plugin developers.

By implementing these or similar ideas, Bubble could help improve the situation with community-built plugin documentation and make it easier for users of all technical levels to take advantage of the functionality offered by these plugins.

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This is also an opportunity for someone to create a YouTube channel to make clear tutorials on how to use each plugin.

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There should be better guidelines and vetting around submitting plugins. There should be at least basic usage docs. Some providers give nothing and then charge you to even ask a question.