Plugins Documentation

Suggestion: Some times it is not easy to understand the particularities of the different plugins. There should be a little bit more documentation or even a small video to help.

And I am referring mainly to those who are paid because sometimes it is not possible to understand its features in detail or even to understand the advantages of use over those that are free.

Sometimes I even find the same description for those who are free and who are paid.

In my search for a plugin that allows to send messages to groups I searched for the keyword: Telegram. How can I be sure if any of those plugins, in the image, allows me to send group messages

Can someone help me? Many thanks in advance!!!
Best regards
Frederico Carvalho

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Most of the plugin have a demo page. Click on the “plugin page” link.
If you have access to editor in the plugin demo, go in the Plugin Tab and check the plugin info. You will see all element, actions and API Call listed there

Also the team is reworking this page, apparently. So hopefully it will be better later on.