Default Progress bar percentage

How can i retrieve the percentage value of the loading bar shown at the top of the page whenever the page is processing something ?

I’m looking to do this without a paid plugin. If it has to be done via html or JS code, that it also fine.

Anybody ?

I think the progress bar that shows during workflow execution does not represent the actual progress of the workflow.
What’s your use case for it?
If you want to show the progress of a workflow in a different way you can create a state and set its value during the workflow

Hey, thanks for your reply.

I just want to make the loading bar bigger because the one on top of the page is way too narrow and small.

It’s ok if it is not really showing progress of the workflow, i just want to make it bigger for whatever it is showing the progress of.

I found a plugin that does somethign similar:

But i want to do this without plugins and i don’t mind if some coding is required for this.

Checking in to see if you would know this.

Bubble does not expose the percentage of the progress bar.
You need to use code if you want to get it from the element.
There are a lot of plugins for custom progress bar. The quickest thing you can do is to use one of them and change the value of the progress with a custom state that you set during the execution of your workflows.
The percentage of the bubble progress bar is completely arbitrary, so you can just set a custom state during the workflows.

Hey @dorilama

Thanks for your reply.

I actually don’t mind using code for the job. And it’s ok if the default progress bar doesn’t correlate with workflow progress.

I just want to be able to pick the percentage of the default progress bar so i can use for some custom animations that I’m building.

The link i shared in my last message seems like a plugin that does this for a custom progress bar and that’s exactly what I’m trying to understand how to do myself using custom code instead of a plugin.

Appreciate your time,

the link you shared is a progress bar that does not follow the progress of bubble’s progress bar.
As I said you can set arbitrary values in your workflows or you can do the same with code.
If you are adamant on having the exact same arbitrary value as bubble’s progress bar you need to calculate it from the style of the html element and the width of the window. Then you need a way to check when that changes. It’s a lot of trouble that’s hardly justifiable for me. :man_shrugging:

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I see, thanks for your inputs.

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