Set state in workflow for ProgessBar bug


I want to display a ProgressBar element from Bubble on my page to show the progress of a workflow. To do this, I’ve assigned to the ProgressBar the value of a page state, which I modify during the workflow. However, for some unknown reason, the ProgressBar remains at 0%. I tried another method: I created a Data Type called “progressbar” with a field named “value”. I manually created one in the database, and I modify this value in the workflow. I then set the ProgressBar to the value of the “progressbar” in the database.
Nothing works, it’s still at 0%. I believe this might be because when the page loads, the default progress bar at the top advances, preventing the page from updating (because at the end of the workflow, the ProgressBar is at 100%, showing that the workflow works correctly). That’s my hypothesis. Do you have any ideas on how to solve this?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @gene.richez,

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Check out this article written by @petter; you can use the same concepts here.


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