Default style being ignored when creating new element

it used to be when you created an element, it would default to the default stule. but now when created it comes in as style overriden. is there a way to change that?

just tested: when i create a new group it was styled corrently, but when grouping things together in a new group, that group comes in overriden and not the default style.

I think I’m seeing what you describe. As best I can tell, though, it’s purely a UI artifact. That is to say, the newly added “enclosing” group doesn’t actually seem to have any properties overridden; but rather, the UI is falsely indicating an overridden state (italicized name with “overridden” in parentheses after it).

If I just click the “Reset” button, the appearance of the style name updates to correctly reflect a non-overridden state even though no group style or layout properties appear to have changed.

In short, it does seem like a legitimate bug, so you should report it if you haven’t already.

its not just wrong UI

i group a text box in a row group, its background color is black, has right padding of 11, and a black border as default styling (i added the boarder so its easier for you to see)


as you can see, the black background did not come in from the default styling, but looks like everything else did.


it looks like its trying to come in black but its not for some reason. i build my apps with test layers of 10% black and right padding of 11 so i can more easily see how my groups are nested and what elements are in a group, and right now when i group things together it will not bring in the opaque black untill i manually select the style after its created.


here it is after manually selecting black

also i refreshed the page before selecting the style manually, and it did not default to the default styling

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Then definitely report it. My quick test was much simpler.

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