Default Value of Dropdown from URL Parameter

Hello everyone…

I’m trying to preselect a Dropdown value from the URL Get Parameter, but I don’t know why it won’t work.

I also tried with the condition…


Still, it won’t select anything… I tried with the Option Set as a type and also with Data Type as a type

Anyone any idea how to do this?


what do you set in the url parameter? the “name” or the unique ID? (if this is a data type).

Hi there, @fabian.banushi… the issue is that the parameter in the URL is not a thing in your Location-City data type. So, in the Default value field, you likely need to do a search and get the first item from the Location-City data type where a field in that data type is equal to the value in the URL parameter.

Hope this helps.


However, if you use unique ID… this is a thing and this can be used directly (and better to be used with the WU) instead of doing a search for

It’s a name of a city

So for every thing I have to do search for?

So you need to use do a search. If you can replace it by the unique ID, you will avoid to use do a search

Oh, wait… is that true, @Jici? I’m sure it is if you are saying it, but I thought even if the URL parameter is a unique ID, you still have to do a search for a thing with that ID. Huh, learn something new every day, eh? (I’m not sure why I didn’t know that already, though.)

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How do you suggest with unique ID? How is the “expression”?

@mikeloc Absolutely no. If you set the unique id, let’s say param=12345678x12345678 and set the Get data from url “type” to the DB “type” (like @fabian.banushi did in the first screenshot), this will return the specific item set in the url parameters
@fabian.banushi just do like in your first screenshot, but instead of setting the name in url, set the unique_id


Yeah, it works with Unique ID… What about the other method? Do I have to do search for and then first item?

How about when it is Multidropdown?


What about for performance? Which is more faster?

unique id in url is faster and consume lest WU. From what I know, url parameters doesn’t handle list (in this case, a search is needed). For multidropdown (list), you may consider using cookies instead if you don’t want to store in DB

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I never used cookies before… How to do that? Can you reference a topic in the forum or an article?

Thanks again

What about a list of items? How can I send with URL Parameter to the next page? I’m trying to use Custom States also but it doesn’t work.

I mean I can send the parameters but I don’t know how to put them in Custom States (from page load)

Thanks again

Also you can store a list of unique IDs separated by a - or something, and on the next page split it back into a list and use Floppy Rehydrator to turn them into Things

Nvm though maybe a search would just be easier.

Can you give a little more detail, please?

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