Pass url parameter into dropdown as default value

I am trying to pass a url parameter into a dropdown as the default value on another page. I have the workflow to pass the additional parameter through and can select it in the dropdown set up but it keeps asking for more conditions. It’s a standard text field so I’m not sure what to select in the conditions.

Any help would be appreciated!

Currently, the value you’re getting from the URL parameter is a text, but the dropdown content type is ‘Package’, so there’s a type mismatch, hence why the expression is red.

You need to define an actual Package for the dropdown’s default value/

Assuming that Package is a datatype (not an option set), which appears to be the case, in the Default Value you’ll need to do a search for Packages, then in your constraints use the Get Data From URL to match the text value of the ‘a’ parameter to whatever text field it relates to, then select :first item.

That worked!! thanks so much for your help!!

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