Default value on Reusable element Custom Input field

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I’ve created a custom input field as a reusable element because I wanted a different design. I intend for it to be reusable as I plan to use it in multiple parts of my solution.

I successfully used it to submit new registrations, but I’m encountering challenges with editing. To edit a record in a table, I’m utilizing Custom State to send data to a pop-up.

When my users click “edit,” the Custom State activates, and the data related to the specific registration is displayed. However, how can I achieve this with a reusable element?

Here’s an example of how I do it with a regular input field:

Skjermbilde 2024-01-25 kl. 14.13.17|416x500

Note: I’m using an external database.!

You’ll need to use a plugin such as Satellite

It allows you to communicate from or to a reusable element from or to a page