Default values not set on new things [2]


I’ve faced the very the same behavior that was disclosed as a bug before - Default values not set on new things

I’ve set defaults for my Data:

Here’s the inside of the form (i preliminary cleared Description field of any initial data, while left rest untouched):

I’ve used debugger to see what’s data is propagating to DB:

But anyway it’s not filling the database with defaults:

It seems wrong, but the only thing I’m thinking that could be wrong - that defaults are not applied.

Hi, can you please share a screenshot of WF to create the db thing?

I think you are adding empty fields, that is overwriting the default values.

Oh, I got your point.
Screenshot 2023-08-18 235608

Probably yes, because I propagate fields data. Then how can I make empty field = null or smth to fill the data with default if there’s actually no data?

Please use :default to


Gosh, thanks!
That’s a great workaround that’ll do for me! All thanks to you!

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