Default value of a table not applied when new thing created

I don’t get why the new things created don’t have the default value I assigned to this type of things.

For this item, the number of thanks remains empty, shouldn’t it be 0?

Here it’s a number, but same thing for text values on other fiedls, I should miss something :slightly_frowning_face:

Hey @echangers49 :slight_smile: Can you share a link to the app editor, and temporarily set it to public? (You can do this by going to Application Rights --> Everyone can edit). It sounds like you’ve set this up correctly!

Hi Faye.

I made a quick test app, the problem is still there:

Try to enter a new Product, the thanks (number) and the default_test (text) values both have a default, but the values remain empty when adding a new product, don’t get why.

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Ohh, right. I’m not 100% sure if it’s this way on purpose, but I don’t think default values are applied when you’re creating a new thing through the App Data tab, only through the workflows.

When creating a new Product in preview mode and through the workflow, the default values are correctly set here:

If you prefer to make the entries through the app data tab, you could later run a workflow which changes all Products with those empty fields to have the default values (Would this work for you?):

Editor: newloremipsum | Bubble Editor

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Wowowow :grinning:

  1. Indeed, it works in workflows, that will do the job in the end that’s what’s important for me. I just tested things in the app data tab and saw it didn’t work so I didn’t try further. But yes that might be a bug I guess when entering info in the app data tab, no big deal to me.
  2. Thanks for the hack but “Change all products” button, I was going to manually edit all my items!
  3. Thanks for making me discover the Alert feature, never used it, I’ll erase some popup that I crafted, it’s much easier!!
    Pb solved, thanks Faye!
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Nice!! :smiley: My pleasure @echangers49!