Defaulting height to 60 mins when grouping - Why?

Is anyone else getting this annoying feature / bug?

Every time I group two elements together, the editor automatically set min height to 60. why???

There is a new set of default settings that engage when you create a new group:

I don’t think that’s it.

There are styles for group that comes with defaults padding.

What I am referring to is when I group two elements together, the new group’s min height is automatically set at 60px. it was zero before…

Yeah… it is annoying… It is a default setting. Don’t think you can change it…
But agree. It sould be zero.

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I am surprised that no one else find these random defaults set by Bubble annoying.

Yeah it’s annoying. The obvious behaviour we all want is:

If groups you’re grouping have no min height → min height = 0

If any groups you’re grouping have a non height → min height = max. minimum height in the selected groups

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