Default min height and width on everything... why?

I’ve noticed that with the responsive editor, there’s a default min height and width to almost everything you create.

For example, if you place a text element it has a default width of 200 and height of 45.

The first thing I do, every time, is to remove all min sizes and check “Fit to width” and “Fit to height”.

Why is this the default behavior?

Same for new groups. When I create a new group by selecting a few elements and selecting “Group elements in a [x] container” I’m always frustrated by the default behavior of setting the min height and width to the smallest size which includes all the elements. I don’t want min height and width, I want it to just stretch with the contents.

Maybe I’m not using the engine as intended, but to me the default behavior is totally off and it means a lot of extra clicks.


Forgot to add: “Collapse when hidden” should probably be default behavior, too. I almost always end up checking that.

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Agreed. That’s the first thing that I do after adding an element to the canvas. :v:

Thanks, other Gio!

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You can left-click and drag the element onto the page to determine a different size, but yes, there is always a default size for visual elements when they’re placed on the page.

Bubble has slowly made improvements to the new responsive editor, so maybe we’ll see Webflow-like CSS class styling that lets us select from a list of pre-defined groups, texts, inputs, etc soon. Fingers crossed!

In the meantime, I use a separate page (think of this as a style guide but for visual element sizing and layout properties) that I keep open while developing. If I need a certain size, alignment, layout, or any combination of those settings in any of the visual elements (group/rg/text/input/buttons), I’ll copy it from this page and paste it wherever I need, saving me some time and clicks!


+1 Pleeeeease make “Collapse when hidden” a default.